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Our offices function as a whole, for a cross pollination of expertise on every project.



Master Planning & Urban Design

Landscape Architecture

Building Design

Sport Design

Way-finding Systems
& Civic Signage


Environmental Analysis

Feasibility Studies

Visual Assessment


Project Management

Community Facilitation

Education & Professional Leadership


Master Planning & Urban Design

Spaces within a community are greater than their physical limits, when the urban and natural fabric has been carefully knit together.

Master planning and urban design combine the principles of planning with the knowledge of sustainable integration. We believe in utilizing a multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of urban planning, landscape architecture, architecture, civil engineering and environmental design among others. Our projects build on an established sense of place that is local in character and satisfies elementary needs specific to that place. Downtown revitalization, streetscapes, city design, regional planning, as well as planning for waterfronts, greenways, parks, and campuses are a few of the areas in which we work.

  • City & Town Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Community Design
  • Community Improvement Plans
  • Streetscape Design
  • Mixed-Use Design
  • Urban Infill
  • Urban Programming
  • Waterfronts


Landscape Architecture

Landscape is the primary surface, the starting point and the place on which we stand. We craft outdoor spaces that connect, inspire and heal.

We apply aesthetic and scientific principles to the planning, design, and management of both natural and built environments. Understanding the big picture including biophysical and natural systems, the project's physical context, the project economics - in concert with a detailed knowledge of landscape materials and techniques, allows LANDinc to design and implement a broad range of projects. From large scale regional studies to urban parks and residential design. Stewardship and conservation of natural and human resources are integral to our work, fostering positive influences in communities through responsible design.

  • Public Parks & Open spaces
  • Hotel & Resorts
  • Urban Plazas & Streetscapes
  • Private Landscapes
  • Waterfronts
  • Institutional
  • Civic and Public Realm
  • Natural Systems

Building Design

Building environments are designed to inspire great actions from the people in and around them. But equally important is understanding and applying the unique aspirations of each client.

Our in-house team includes architects, landscape architects and urban designers work closely with our multi-disciplinary consultants to design and integrate buildings, shade structures, play features fountains, plazas and custom furnishings as well as specialized solutions to unique site conditions.

  • Permanent & Temporary Structures
  • Shading
  • Wayfinding & Furniture Design

Sport Design

Sport and recreation are at the heart of our practice. We have built a specialized team to deliver high quality and memorable places for sport.

Our approach to sport design starts with the requirements of the athlete, the spectator and the client. We typically go beyond the traditional sport program to create places which are unique destinations and memorable settings for sport experiences.  Our work occurs at many scales from regional recreation and open space studies, to the detailed design of outdoor sports facilities and landscape architectural support to architects for sport building complexes. Recent projects include the integration of sport field complexes, tennis courts, golf ranges, pools and spas, active playgrounds, skateparks, bmx parks, artificial fields and natural play environments.

  • Action Sport Facilities
  • Skateboard Parks
  • BMX Parks
  • Community & Professional Sports Fields
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Multi-Use Courts
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Ice Rinks

Way-finding Systems & Civic Signage

Our acknowledgement of success comes from watching people navigate seamlessly, without hesitation through layered parks, buildings and cityscapes.

An essential aspect of urban revitalization, waterfront planning, as well as heritage and tourism planning. LANDinc has extensive experience in wayfinding, signage and interpretive planning as an integral part of the urban design process for all our projects.  We have created custom-designed signs, developing the strategy, layout, style, and message.

  • Trail Networks
  • Facility Navigation 
  • Park Markers
  • Stand Alone Instillation's

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