Poetic moves.

Poetry often evokes the emotions of people and place. Poetry park is an opportunity to physically manifest those emotions for the public, in a prime area on Toronto's Waterfront.

Located adjacent to the Toronto Islands Ferry Terminal, this centrally accessible waterfront park was designated by LANDinc as a place to celebrate Canada’s rich poetry heritage. As the winning entry in the City’s design competition, LANDinc’s proposal was based on interpreting Toronto’s diverse multicultural and multilingual community in concert with the natural attributes of the site.

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The plan for the park was formulated after working directly with key local players, including Toronto's Poet Laureate, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, an active community group and the City of Toronto. The program spaces included a recital area, intimate listening spaces and a quiet, reflective composition garden. Winding pathways recall subtle musical movements. Plant themes were designed to reflect the poetic qualities of species in groves such as the Aspen Tremble, the Whispering Willow Lea, and the Paper Birch Ramble.

Landscape Architecture / Winning Competition Entry
Toronto, ON, Canada