Skiing in berber country.

The Oukaimeden Resort village is situated in a snow capped area in the Atlas Mountains outside of Marrakech. The terrain is the highest skiable mountain in Northern Africa. Special GIS mapping helped determine suitable ski-run design while allowing for snow-melt collection ponds for community use.

The base village concept was developed following a thorough analysis of the existing site conditions and an analysis of the program requirements for the site. The proposed village is densely developed in keeping with the character of a Medina. Additionally, the hillside housing recalls the character of the surrounding 800-2,000 year old functioning Berber homes. In addition to improving the skiing conditions, the proposed development adds additional activities to extend the use of the resort year-round. These include golf, hiking, biking and resort spas.

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Phase Two of the Oukaimeden Four Season Mountain Resort Community includes the development of Urban Design and Architectural Character studies. Detailed site analysis and High Atlas Berber Village architecture typologies were documented to understand the use of outdoor space and the High Atlas hillside dwelling.

Landscape Architecture
Oukaimeden, Morocco