Rediscovering a historic walk.

The heavily vegetated escarpment slopes of Parliament Hill are an essential part the symbol of Canada's National Capital. They stand as a vestige of pre-urban history and are expressive of civilization rising from and co-existing with “untamed” nature. The mixed tree canopy of the Escarpment still reflects the wild character that the original designers envisioned as “the plinth for Canada’s Parliament Buildings”. This image has been conveyed as the central ideal of Canada: “a democratic government rooted in, and growing out of, the wilderness”.

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This iconic image, however, was found to be at risk when the wild escarpment became vulnerable to slope instability and invasive plant species. It was decided that the area needed to be safely restored, minimizing risk to workers and the public. Commissioned by Public Works, LANDinc developed a strategy endorsed by civil and geotechnical expertise to reshape, restore and reforest the slopes to ensure long-term sustainability. The treatment of this area was key to preserve the symbolic and functional value of the Capital Plateau and to provide the opportunity to experience the Ottawa River and views of the surrounding cultural landscape mid-slope.

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Ottawa, ON, Canada