Active park redefined.

The design of Berczy Community Park was defined by past cultural landscape patterns that were reintroduced to create a strong iconic southern entrance and direct connection to the park on the north.  This one alignment became the organizing structure for all of the programmed and non-programmed recreational spaces and facilities.

The arrangement of orthogonally placed activities and spaces create a series of hierarchical pedestrian crossroads that serve as meeting points, decision nodes and structure the main pedestrian circulation system. This purposeful layout gives the park a sense of organization and asymmetrical formality. A secondary curvilinear pedestrian path layer was added to allow for passive experiences like passing through the urban bosque, across the open meadow / field and engaging with the naturalized landscape that connects to the naturalized ravine and storm water corridor. 

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The 3.5 ha Berczy Park enhances the visual character of the larger community while creating neighbourhood amenities including a full size, irrigated soccer field, various park trellises, a children’s playground, two tennis courts, a skatepark spot, exercise area, various seating areas, parking and walkway connections to the community.

Landscape Architecture
Markham, ON, Canada